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(2004, 95 min.)

Country: Czech Republic
Director: Alex Schnegr
Starring: Andrej Matyas (a.k.a. Andrew Fisher), Jan Muzicka (a.k.a. Jarda Dvorsky), Karel Kohlicek (a.k.a. Karel Rok, Oleg Tarkowski, Richard Hrosik et al.), Karol Gonda (a.k.a. Zdenek Langer), Libor Makovec, Lubomir Karda (a.k.a. Chad Driver et al.), Michal Pesl, Oldrich Smidl (a.k.a. Tad Harrison), Pavel Galanis (a.k.a. Daniel Avedon), Zdenko Klinovsky (a.k.a. Zeb Kelly, Nicolas Corby/Cerby)
Studio: Eagle Video/Man’s World Entertainment

Categories: Eastern Europeans

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Rad Video Review by ThatGuyYouLike
Rating: 4.75/5.0

Did you ever see a busload of hot young men (maybe members of a sports team) traveling together and wonder if they were jerking each other off as they sped along? You can bet that sometimes they are, and that's what Sex Voyager is all about. However, this busload of 10 well-built Czech men do far more than share handjobs on their trips. They fuck and suck and rim each other (in duos and threesomes) with such gusto that I wanted to give every one of them a sloppy kiss in gratitude for the fantastic show.

This movie is simply a tremendous amount of fun, with some of the best-looking studs working the best-looking cocks and shooting the best-looking cumshots I've seen all year. And you won't have to wait 30 minutes to see a climax, because the action is fast and furious!

Fans of romance will love how the men kiss intimately before and after they have sex. If you get off on snowballing (those juicy cum-sharing kisses), then you'll be in heaven. The men shoot their facial cumshots and then lick it off their buddy's face, to then feed it to him as they French kiss.

Rimming fans will also be in heaven. And if you like seeing assholes slathered with jizz or men getting post-orgasmic cum-juice massages, then you're also in for a treat. Do you like those fuck scenes where the cock slams all the way in and then pulls all the way out with each thrust? The cocks here are generally quite huge and uncut. The fuckloads tend to be generously juicy, the men are on the smooth to slightly fuzzy side, and several of them wear jockstraps throughout their shenanigans. All the men seem to be having the times of their lives, and they show no end to their horniness, so it's a fun ride indeed.

When one guy shoots off, he does the best vocalizing that I've ever heard – you have to hear it to believe it – and luckily he cums three times over the course of the film, so you'll hear it again and again. There's no real story here, just adorable studs doing what they do best, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

DVD Extras: Chapter selection, photo gallery, trailers.

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Gay DVD Empire Review by Chaz
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Modern motorcoach buses offer all the luxuries a passenger could want: large, comfortable seats (with stain-resistant upholstery), plenty of legroom (for the guy kneeling in front of you sucking your cock), fold-up armrests (so you can flip him on his back and fuck him while standing in the aisle), and deep-tinted windows (to keep the orgy inside private).

Sex Voyager piles 10 hunky and horny Czech guys onboard a bus for a trip to a hotel, and they pass the time en route sucking, fucking and squirting loads of cum on each other. With only 10 passengers, the bus is far from crowded, but the seatmates waste no time getting to know one another. As with many Euro-porn imports, the uniform attractiveness of the cast makes identifying performers by name in their respective scenes impractical. (Besides, the opening credits list the cast as they are fully dressed, boarding the bus ... they don't stay in their clothes for very long!)

Right off, two muscular young seatmates in tank tops start pawing at each other's crotches, then one drops to the floor and sucks his partner's cock. He is rewarded when that partner, standing in the aisle, jerks himself to climax and dumps his load on the cheek and neck of his friend (now on his back on the seats). After cumming, he drops to his knees and slurps his cum off the guy's face before kissing him passionately. They trade off sucking duties and, sadly, the camera misses the second guy's climax, onto his own belly and navel.

In another row, a spiky-haired blonde swaps blowjobs with a slender young brunette. The blonde is resting his head on the brunette's bare chest as he strokes himself off, sending arc after arc of cum up and onto the blonde's face and into his hair. He in turn stands beside the brunette and cums on his pecs.

Two other passengers take turns sucking one another, then eating ass and finger-fucking before sticking their dicks in. They fuck on their backs across a pair of adjacent seats, and while perched in each other's laps. Each of them, at climax, squirts all over their partner's balls and ass-crack before kneeling in the aisle and licking up all the goo.

Two guys in the very back of the bus are double-teaming a third guy seated between them, his legs propped up on the seat backs of the row in front. They go after him with their hands and mouths, as he fingers his own ass. He shoots his load on his own belly, and rubs it sensuously into his skin. Then one of the others takes his turn in the middle, jerking off as he is being licked and rimmed. After cumming, he uses his fingers to scoop cum into his mouth.

At last the bus has arrived at the hotel [at about the 46-minute mark], and the passengers button, zip and buckle their clothes back on. Not for long, of course; once in the hotel rooms, they strip down to jock straps (on the bus they were all going "commando" under their pants) and have at it again. We have three couples scenes and a concluding three-way, mirroring the encounters earlier on the bus. The action in the hotel scenes is predominately anal, with a little rimming for warm-up. Cum shots are planted on ass cheeks, although the spiky-haired blonde, propped up on his shoulders, manages to shoot into his own mouth and face.

After the interesting, enthusiastic and novel situations in the bus, the hotel scenes suffer from a certain sameness and repetition. The film ends with our heroes re-boarding the bus for their next destination, wherever that may be (a soccer/rugby/football stadium, perhaps?).

At 95 minutes running time, the film is of nominal length. Camera work and editing are top-notch, as is the digital video image. There is no dialog nor subtitles, as the story tells itself as it unfolds. DVD extras include chapter selection, website info, a gallery of stills from the production, and a lengthy array of previews for other Eagle Video and US Male International productions.

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