Vintage 8mm, Vol. 1: 1968-1970


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(2000, 89 min.)

Country: US
Director: Gary "Chris" McKay
Starring: Dakota, Ray Fuller, Bill Eld, Jim Cassidy, others
Studio: L.A. Heat Video

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Rad Video Review by Primed4U
Rating: 3.5/5.0

This is a compilation of early porn from 1968-1970 [and released in 2000]. These films were documented on 8MM and 16MM format, usually lasting about 15 minutes each. They have been re-mastered and digitized to video format.

A young naked man sleeps outside on a blanket. He awakens to drink beer and fondle his already hard cock. A jar of Vaseline gel (remember that?) is nearby, and he greases up his dick for the camera. This film is such an early vintage, the camera operator uses a piece of cardboard to swipe across the lens to give the effect of a "fade-out". The young actor continues to stroke his cock until he cums.

A biker is getting a head job from a young man. After all the hands are removed from blocking the cock, we see the biker is hung like a donkey. The young man eagerly sucks his cock and makes him cum. He licks the cum off the biker's cock. The biker wipes the cum off his dick. The two decide to go at it again. The biker bends the cocksucker over the bike and fucks him with the big rod. He pulls it out and shoots a load over the boy's young ass.

Two young men sit on a bed and share a joint. One of the young men is the famous Bill Eld of big dick fame. After getting high enough, the two undress and Eld's friend fantasizes about cumming. Eld's pants come off, then the underwear and, behold, there is the famous plump cock. His friend wastes no time in sucking it to a semi-erect state. Bill poses to show us the big meat and then strokes it in a close-up for the camera. His body was always a cool white skin shade, but his meat red and hot. Bill's cock gets hard from the sucking and he jacks off on his friend. The friend shows his firm ass in the air, which is too much for Eld, so he mounts him on his back and plunges the fat 10" inside. The two stand up and continue the anal intercourse. The young man jacks off.

“The Measure of a Star” again features Bill Eld. He decides to see if he can be a star with his big dick, so he is interviewed. Eld shows up for the audition. When he pulls down his pants to reveal the big schlong, the interviewers go nuts. He dances on the table and the director pulls Eld by his dick to give a real performance. Eld gets so excited he cums on a mirror and the two interviewers lick his cum off the surface. Soon the two are sucking his hard dick. Eld fucks his two friends and blows his load.

A young football player flips through a Playboy magazine. His redheaded friend comes in and begins to fondle the young athlete's cock. Soon he is sucking it, and the athlete cums in the boy's mouth. Determined to get fucked, the redhead gets his friend's dick hard again and proceeds to get fucked by the football player, who cums.

"Daisies Don't Always Grow on Chains" finds two guys by the pool fooling around, when the pool boy, played by Bill Eld, finds them sucking cock. Eld falls in the pool, but the naked guys pull him out. When they strip him down, they find the big prize. They suck the big rod, and then get in the hot tub. His big dick drives them wild. One sucks while the other eats his ass. The two lovers start to fuck as one lover sucks on Bill. Eld jacks a big load as one lover eats the cum off Eld's stomach. The three-way continues as the lovers fuck once again and Eld feeds his dick to them.

A leather man and a young blonde boy engage in sex. The blonde pulls out the brunette's big dick and sucks the meat. Standing, they stroke their dicks, then bed down to 69 one another. The leather man fucks the blonde then cums on his back.

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TLA Video synopsis by Keeneye Reeves

You asked for it, and you got it. Revel in the glory days of gay porn, with this collection of films, shorts and "loops" from the late 60s and early 70s. Bad clothes, no sync sound (meaning no grunts, but no shitty, canned techno music, either) and tons of thick gooey creamshots going where you rarely see them go these days - in the hair, mouths and open holes of variously happy fellows.

Condomless fucking and a bit of history to boot.

TLA Video Review by Scott Templeton
Rating: 2.5/4.0

Designed to appeal to younger audiences who don’t remember porn before the epidemic. If you are interested in pre-condom fucking and cum swallowing, this is a video for you. Before the sex begins there is a lengthy dissertation on the history of porn.

During the late '60s, 8-millimeter loops of man-on-man sex were available through mail order for homos with home projectors. The loops contained on this video were apparently unearthed in the basement of some porn warehouse and have been restored for our viewing and jacking pleasures.

The sex is pretty uninhibited, which is exactly what a viewer of this vintage stuff should be looking for. Cum swallowing and licking are featured here in some novel ways. During one three-way, a dude shoots his wad on a full-length mirror only to have his fuck buddies lovingly lick the load. Vaseline is the only thing between hot hard dicks and twitching eager holes in these vignettes. Even if some of the guys’ hairstyles are a bit dated, they are all cute and eager. While most of the scenes are in color, a few are in "glorious" (read: grainy) black and white. Most scenes are pretty weak, though.

Throughout the video the "click-click-click" sound of a film projector has been added to give the viewers the feeling of watching a mail-order loop during the early days of porn. Fun, but pointless.

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