Woodsmen (Titan)

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(2003, 150 min. – retail version; 231 min. – director’s expanded edit)

Country: US
Director: Brian Mills, Harold Creg, Bruce Cam
Starring: Chris Brady, Ray Dragon, Ben Jakks, Tony Sorano, Parker Williams, Thomas Bond, Jace Hunter, Jack Ryan, Aaron Parker, Jon Galt, Carlos Morales, Patrick Knight
Studio: Titan Media

Categories: Muscular/Rugged Men; Hairy Men/Bears

[Note: The VHS contains the 150-min. retail version of this feature, while the DVD is the two-disc "Director's Expanded Edit." ]

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TLA Video Review by Beef Stroganoff
Rating: 4.0/4.0

Titan delivers another brawny, epic-length beefcake-bulging bonanza, with a woodsmen theme. This one’s so fucking hot, I feared a stray spark might instantly ignite the shrubbery.

A solid dozen delicious man-fucks do the sweaty bump-and-grind, and whether you prefer milky smooth pretty boys or chiseled and clipped beef/jock hunks or even bearded fur daddies, there’s something (and somebody) for every taste.

Titan's Bruce Cam makes a cameo directorial "appearance," orchestrating the opening sequence between carpeted scruff daddies Ray Dragon and Jon Galt, who get it on in a cabin by a fireplace and readily out-scorch the flames flickering o’er the hearth.

After some enthusiastic nipple nibbling, pit licking and pectoralis punching, they sloppily deep throat each other’s bones. Jon offers up his tight cornhole to the driving thrust of Ray’s battering ram, alternately sitting on it, then sucking on in, and blowing two consecutive loads in the midst of it all.

Out on a mountain trail, under a shady tree, devilicious and very muscular caramel hunk Ben Jakks and ripped Latino sexpot Tony Sorano gobble cock and suck ass crack for lunch. Tony blows a premature load while grinding up against Ben’s spectacular bubble butt, Ben tosses one off in reply, and then they fuck each other properly. Best image: Tony wipes up a smear of Ben’s freshly-gunk’d spunk and feeds it back to him.

Next, a uniformed park ranger (tall hunk cutie Jack Ryan) hassles two manly woodsmen chain-sawing a felled tree (Patrick Knight and Aaron Parker). He asks to see their permit and winds up seeing their blazing cocks at close range. Aaron drops to his knees and double sucks Jack and Patrick, and after much cock slurping, we witness a well-timed triple-jerk spurt. Then, with the click-click of Paul’s oilcan to help lube up Aaron’s ass crevasse and Jack’s latex-sheathed cock, the rhythmic piston-fucking commences on the flatbed of a pick-up truck.

Prepare to lose your breath when you see adorable milky-skinned strawberry blonde jock hottie Chris Brady. I could say more about him, but find it’s hard to speak with his big noodle in my mouth. Anyways, we meet Chris as he’s devouring salt-n-pepper daddy hunk Jace Hunter’s snake. Bond, Thomas Bond, sidles up and offers a second plump cock for Chris to double-suck.

Thomas and Jace each have a proper taste of Chris’ precious pink pucker hole, then Chris opens his mangina for the invading plunge of Thomas’s rigid shaft. Don’t miss the sight of Chris taking my spurt, er, I mean taking Thomas’ spurt right in his cute facial.

Finally, scruffy stud-fuck Parker Williams and el hunko Español Carlos Morales suck and plow on the rocks by a babbling brook. Best image: Parker is rimming and stroking Carlos from behind, he catches a load of spurt in his palm, then smears it across Carlos’ hairy crease for lubricant. And, naturally, he fucks him tightly atop a boulder.

Gasp! What else can I say? This one’s brimming with delicious muscled cock, sizzling with fiery combustion and boasting some luminous videography. Full marks across the board. If you crave manly men doing manly things in the forest, your tent will truly be pitched. I haven’t seen so much outdoor wood since my last Boy Scout jamboree.

Notes about the second disc's bonus features: The "Director’s Expanded DVD Pack" is a 2-disc edition that includes: a gooey cumshot highlight reel; a photo montage/music featurette; photo galleries of the participatory hunks; a behind-the-cameras featurette; a handful of interviews and some outtakes, including a splashy water sports reel. Witness, among other things, puppy-dog-cute Chris Brady douse himself in his own pee, and then allow Thomas Bond to whiz all over him, all while Chris is wedged into a kayak that just happens to be laying around on the floor.

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ManNet Review by Martin Cox
Rating: Highly, Highly Recommended

In fantasy and fairy tales, the woods are always full of mysteries.

From "Harry Potter" to "Lord of the Rings," the mythical enchanted forest holds wonders and dangers that are too tempting to ignore. And, likewise, the WoodsMen fantasy thrives under the spreading trees and the lush coppice of a primeval landscape, creating a sexual fairy tale for grown-ups, who use their magic wands to cast erotic spells of carnal pleasure.

What would a magical woodland setting be without an enchanted cottage? As WoodsMen opens, we are transported to a rustic, rough-hewn cabin deep in the forest, where Jon Galt awaits. Jon eagerly anticipates the arrival of hairy stud Ray Dragon, and when he enters, the two, bathed in the golden glow of firelight, share passionate kisses, their chest hair and beards grinding together. The sparks between them are hotter than any wood-burning fire, and they soon achieve wood of their own, both sporting monstrous erections. Ray sinks to his knees and greedily tastes Jon's juicy cock, drooling saliva. Jon returns the favor, swallowing Ray whole.

Jon then bends over and Ray tongue-fucks his asshole. When Ray spears Jon with his big cock, Jon pushes his ass back on it, fucking back. It's too much for Jon, who stands and blows a big load of cum that catches in Ray's thick chest hair. Ray gets right back to work, again slam-fucking Jon's hole. Ray stands, straddling the chair they've been fucking on, and Jon does some cock-and-ass worshipping with his mouth and tongue. Ray then sits in the chair and Jon sits on his dick, bouncing on it as his own rock-hard erection throbs. Jon shoots again, his ass stuffed full of cock, and then Ray blows his load while Jon stands, kisses Ray, and pinches his nipples.

In another part of the forest, gorgeous stud Ben Jakks and fellow lumberjack Tony Serrano stop on their way to their campsite for a hot kiss. Ben – with his very buff body, covered with light hair, his pierced nipple, and his very big dick – is definitely a star. And the man can kiss. He almost eats co-star Tony alive. But Ben's real talent is behind him – he has an ass of death. His versatility is shown off to perfection here, from the moment he picks Tony up and carries him to a nearby stone bench, so he can lick out his hairy ass, to the moment Ben reveals it all, bending over so that Tony can tease the opening with the head of his dick before fucking him from behind. But all of this is only the lead-in to a great camera angle of Ben screwing Tony. Ben's tight, high cheeks grinding in corkscrew fashion, flexing, as he slams his dick home. After Ben blows his load, while fucking Tony missionary, Tony feeds some of the load back to the stud, who eats it up. Then Tony shoots, his load pooling in his navel and on his lower belly.

Patrick Knight, Aaron Parker and Jack Ryan are up next. Patrick and Aaron arrive on the scene first, getting their chainsaws warmed up when park ranger Jack shows up. Jack and Patrick share kisses and caresses by a pick-up truck as Aaron watches, then Aaron puts down his ax and joins them. The three mix it up with Aaron eating Jack's ass while Patrick sucks Jack, then they stand side-by-side to jerk off. Jack's load just jets out of his dick, and Patrick and Aaron also shoot nicely. Then Aaron, who wears a jock for the duration of the scene, bends over the bed of the truck and gets screwed by Jack. Patrick gets plowed by Jack, too, while he's munching on Aaron's meat, then Jack reclines on the bed of the truck and Patrick sits on his ever-hard dick. Aaron stands and shoots, his balls tickled by Patrick's palm and propped up by the waistband of his jock, and Jack follows, beating his own meat as he looks up at the other two studs.

In a boathouse near a picture-perfect lake, blond hottie Chris Brady and he-man studs Jace Hunter and Thomas Bond meet up, with boy-toy Chris sucking both older men's dicks as they stand side-by-side and suck face. TITAN once again breaks the mold in this scene – first, they go multi-cultural, now it's multi-generational. Jace, a hunky daddy type, looks as though he could be old enough to be Chris' father, with Bond falling somewhere in-between, like a very hot uncle or cousin. Chris tries his damnedest to fit both Jace and Thomas' dicks into his mouth, and then rises for a scorching three-way kiss. Then Thomas gets a chance to suck Chris' dick, which rises to an impressive erection.

Then Thomas reclines on a bench, and Chris gets into the 69 position – his beautiful, creamy white ass in the air as he leans over to service Thomas' cock. Thomas blows a huge load that coats his belly and fist with cum. All the attention is focused on Chris' bubble-butt next, with Jace and Thomas fingering and slapping it, and then Thomas slides his dick in. Jace, below the action, stroking his own dick as he gets a great view. Then Thomas stands and Jace and Chris watch as he delivers another huge cum-shot.

In the final scene, hunky Carlos Morales and handsome dirty-blond Parker Williams play two fishermen (Parker in thigh-high wading boots, no less) who eye each other as they angle. Light and dark, smooth and hairy, Latin and Nordic – these two studs are a study in masculine contrast. It's also quite obvious that they have the real hots for each other. Carlos and Parker kiss, their dicks getting hard below. (Take note: Parker loses his pants, but not the waders.) They climb higher on some rocks, Parker's hard dick leading the way, and Carlos leans against a boulder while Parker spreads his asscheeks and dives in with his tongue. Carlos' ass, as usual, is divine – its round curves and perky pucker just ready for hard dick. Parker proves to be a stallion when the two get around to fucking, making Carlos groan with delight. Carlos starts off getting it from behind, and then Parker flips him over and screws him missionary. For the finale, Parker pulls out and Carlos stokes himself to orgasm, and Parker rears back on his haunches and delivers a load that lands on his furry pecs.

Every aspect of "WoodsMen" is top-notch, and the DVD is loaded with sexy extras.

DVD features: Scene selection; additional footage (a cum-shot from Jace Hunter that was cut from the fourth scene, and more action between Carlos Morales and Parker Williams); footage of an on-location photo shoot with all of the cast members; interviews with the cast (laugh along as Carlos Morales tries to convince you that his dick is only "average size"); and bonus material (including a cum-shot review, water sports footage, and a behind-the-scenes featurette – you can see just how these guys clown around when they are "waiting for wood" or for the chainsaw to get started up).

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