Dirty Little Sins


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(2005, 118 min.)

Country: US
Director: Jett Blakk
Starring: Jacob Slader (a.k.a. Ethan Richards), Brad Benton, Chet White, Dillon Press, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra, Troy Punk, Ty Hudson; Andrew Addams (non-sexual role)
Studio: Red Devil Entertainment/Channel 1 Releasing

ManNet Review by Brent Blue
Rating: Highly, Highly Recommended

Dirty Little Sins is a thoughtful, heartfelt dramatic piece from director Jett Blakk. It is a rare porn film that can combine religion and sex and both make a point for your brain and pants. This is a spiritual tale, but it's not preachy. Yes, the viewpoint is clear, but it's not hammered into the movie to the point of any annoyance. Its moral tone is softly placed in the middle of a slowly unraveling love story that is touchingly acted by Brad Benton and Jacob Slader. However, what's most interesting is how Blakk works the sex into the story, throwing off all but one sex scene in a fantastically energetic mode and making it a part of the plot, rather than inorganically plopping it down in the midst of the religious aura that might not necessarily work in tandem with it.

The first shot is of a modest home in a quiet suburb. The second is a Bible, a shot that pans to a cross on the wall. Only after that intro do we see luscious Brad Benton naked, stroking himself to a gay porn magazine, wearing only a cross around his neck. The sexbomb is mighty into his work, flipping over quickly on all-fours to share his sensational ass with the viewer. Brad's self-pleasure is fierce, ending with one of his patented loudly moaned cum-shots. As soon as he's finished, he's disgusted. He takes the cross off the wall, kneels by the bed and apologizes. "Help me be strong," he says, in tears.

Brad is enrolled at Wormwood University, welcomed by dean Dillon Press, looking his most majestic in a suit. This particular college does "the Lord's work," and Dillon is an old friend of Brad's father, a conservative senator. Dillon has to paw through Dillon's bag to look for contraband, and Brad is nervous as Dillon finds the forbidden ... candy bar. Sugar leads to other addictions. A buzzed call distracts Dillon long enough for Brad to snatch his magazine and hide it under his sweater. It is explained to Brad that females are, of course, taboo, and so, too, is manplay. "It's a dirty little sin for dirty little men," Dillon says.

Brad's roommate is brunet Chet White, with lively dark eyes, who has pulled a muscle playing football. "A growing muscle," he teases to Dillon, who then chases Brad out of the room. Dillon curiously empties a glass of water on the floor, and the mess means having to call a janitor as Brad wanders the campus hearing his mea culpa and Dillon's warning in his head. He returns to his room, peers inside and sees Dillon on the bed sucking the colossal dick of Nick Capra. He is also fed Chet's thick piece, gobbling both at once and cramming his mouth as full of cock as possible. The veins on his forehead pop out with bright intensity as he slurps back and forth. Brad is able to capture this on his trusty camcorder. Dillon then beats off watching Chet and Nick Capra, who shows off a chest of perfectly clipped hair, 69. Nick goes for the deep-throat while Chet uses his mouth and hand in a valiant attempt to conquer Nick's amazing cock.

Dillon, displaying the same zeal for dick he showed when explaining the university's morals, sucks Chet as Nick rams his ass, plugging his entire length into Dillon's ace ass. Nick, lips pursed an inch from his face, has a gleeful time fucking Dillon, knowing he can attack the strapping bottom with lots of power. Dillon then sits on Chet, who skillfully and energetically thrusts upward as Dillon keeps his mouth wrapped around Nick's dick. Dillon rides in a circular motion, a show-off with loads of talent to offer. Dillon is the first to cum, Nick throws his all over Dillon's chest and then Chet finishes. "I have sinned! I must be punished," Dillon bleats. "Ah fuck, not this shit again," Chet says as Dillon takes a belt and flagellates himself.

Dispirited, Brad wanders on Santa Monica Boulevard, approached by chatty hustler Jacob Slader, who settles for breakfast instead of a paying customer. "You're buying," he snaps. The lively tattooed Jacob doesn't exactly help Brad feel any less despondent. "Life's easier if you don't believe in anything," Jacob says, which is the onset of the moral. He believes in only money and sex, and sees Jason Ridge across the street. He explains what Jason wants. Jason crosses the street and propositions Jacob, with Brad invited along to watch. In a spare room, Jacob gets his money, slapped to his cock by Jason. Jason, his head shaved, looks hotter than possible in his tight jeans, watching Jacob pop out his enormous dick. Jason gets on his knees and sucks Jacob, instantly inhaling the full length. Jacob plays the tough hooker to perfection, and Jason is worked up in his spirit, giving a full-throttle blowjob with an unbeatable mouth. Jason steals a few glances in Brad's direction, teasing with those ultra-sexy inviting eyes, but never stopping the rhythm of the suck.

The blowjob is an amazingly on-target equality of Jason's mouth and Jacob's knowing feed. Jason is on fire with this blowjob. But, when he tries to slip a finger into Jacob's ass, Jacob explodes. Jason offers more money, but "that kind of money does not exist," Jacob yelps. So Jason, finally shirtless to reveal his golden-boy body, continues his demonically possessed blowjob. The money paid does entitle Jason to a fucking, so Jacob goes squirming in, slapping at Jason with mammoth energy, grinding away with sweaty force. The sounds of Jacob's pelvis hitting Jason are fast and furious, stopped only when Jacob scoops extra far into Jason's beautiful ass for super penetration. Jacob hits Jason with a ton of might, never doing anything with less than wild energy. Jason is a much bigger man than Jacob, but Jacob wrangles Jason into a totally submissive position until he's good and ready to spray wide on Jason's ass. Jason then pops a gooey load. Definitely worth the $100 Jason paid. "You do what you have to," Jacob says to Brad, who questions how he can do this. "Listen to me, Bible Boy, there is no God. There is this and this," referring to the almighty dollar and the almightier cock. When Brad dares to insult Jacob, he gets slapped.

However, Brad continues to question Jacob, who is gruff but willing to let Brad tag along. He takes him home, to a house with a great view. Jacob explains to Brad that he was headed to a seminary once, but met a preacher who thought he was "God's gift to morality." He relates his harrowing story of abuse. It's a vivid moment, well acted by Jacob, with the help of a deliberate and sensitive script. This leads to an argument about religion, with Jacob swearing that he's never had sex with a man without money, and Brad has never had sex with a man because of the sin stigma. Brad's theory is that if he does it only when in love, he'll know if it's a sin or not and locks a cross around Jacob's neck before Jacob goes off to work.

Dillon finds Jacob on the street and shows him Brad's picture, but in no time, Dillon has caught Brad, the collar seen by Jacob. Jacob rushes to fellow hookers Andrew Addams and Troy Punk to wrangle their help. Their plan unfurls at Dillon's orientation. Troy takes a drink to projectionist Ty Hudson, who suddenly bolts to the bathroom. Andrew takes the video of Dillon Brad had given Jacob into the projection room as Troy follows Ty into the john. Sexy manly Troy flirts with masculine brunet bearded Ty, convincing him into a quickie instead of going back to the projection room. So, Ty and Troy kiss heatedly, muscles flexing and deep groaning sounds emanating. Ty can barely contain himself when he hits Troy's velvety hairy chest with his biting mouth. He doesn't wait for Troy to shirk his undies before sucking him, either. When the cock is fully exposed, Ty goes for a pushy deep-throat, smashing Troy back against the stall wall. Ty cooks as he spits and sucks on the dick, displaying the infectious zestiness that has been passed from Dillon to Jason and now to him in the spitfire sweepstakes.

Troy's luscious ripe ass is then treated to a deep licking from Ty. Troy then balances himself between the walls of the stall, completely off the ground, supported only by Ty's face in his ass. Troy then slobbers graciously over Ty's cock with his gulping mouth, but Ty is never far from throwing his face on Troy's dick again. Troy, his delicious fuzz leading all the way down to his crotch, fucks Ty. He starts off with a slow pace, burrowing deep inside, but once he is comfortable, he slams ahead. The stall only allows for so much space, but these two are about to break a wall with their lust. Troy wants in as far as possible and Ty wants it even further. Close-ups show the smoothness of Ty's butt, letting Troy in so easily. Ty isn't against working backwards onto Troy, but Troy is an eager fucker and ends up majorly in charge of the action. Troy sits on the toilet and has Ty ride him. Ty holds onto the stall handles and pumps up and down, and I worry again for the walls. His intent is to fly up and down the cock, and he succeeds. Troy cums on Ty's face and Ty cums on the floor.

Intercut with the previous scene was Dillon's introduction to the movie, but when it's turned on, it's Brad's tape of sex and self-beating. Jacob comes in to pull Brad out and they head back to Jacob's pad. Jacob goes to leave, but kisses Brad first. This puts a huge smile on Brad's face. However, Dillon appears and starts kicking Brad. Only some punches from Jacob stop him. "Who the hell are you?!" "I'm his guardian angel," Jacob replies, and a humiliated Dillon slumps off. As Brad is unconscious, Jacob blasts at God in a well-written, angry speech. He demands one last chance to prove of God's existence and Brad wakes up. The romantic music swells and the kissing starts as they are wrapped in each other's arms. The virgin and the hooker are about to save each other. This scene doesn't race off to furious sex the way the others did. There is a lot of feeling and kissing before Brad shows his dick.

Jacob blows it, doing a phenomenal deep-throat and showing off the lusty, passionate side that was purposely missing in his previous trade-only scene. Brad sucks Jacob, too, full of drool and talent for a novice. He is his usual superlative self. There's no reason to dim his talent as long as the scene stays loving, which it does with well-placed kissing and happy looks between the men. "Deflowering virgins isn't my specialty," Jacob nervously admits, but Brad asks him to make love to him. So, Jacob treats Brad's ass to a royal rimjob first. With his stubbly goatee, Jacob does a very good suction rimming on Brad with a probing tongue getting Brad all prepared. Following the character development, Jacob very slowly enters Brad, but in seconds has gotten all the way in. Perhaps Brad has had divine practice, because he's the ideal bottom for Jacob's raging efforts. Jacob doesn't pretend niceties. Instead, he gives Brad the full anal show, and since Brad doesn't complain, I guess it's really love here.

However, Jacob's face looks meaner than he really is. It's not a brutal fuck like the one he gave Jason, just a very slick one, fully using his bottom's abilities. The real surprise comes when Jacob slides a condom onto Brad. "I want it to be you," he says with his first honest grin. So, he gets down flat and lets Brad enter him. Brad is super cautious, and Jacob is definitely tight. Brad is gentle and sweet, but he definitely finds his way deep into Jacob's hairy butt. Jacob then sits on Brad, and now he's open. With his first sit, he takes Brad all the way and then bobs like a pro afterward, their eyes locked on each other. Jacob spews a hefty amount on Brad while riding. Brad has a big one, too. With Jacob in his arms, Brad smiles at the sky. Off they go (on L.A.'s so frequently used subway system) to "Vegas and beyond." Brad has "no regrets," echoing the sentiments Jacob has so authoritatively explained the whole time.

In all but the final scene, the sex is ferocious and pulsing. Each scene has a reason to be like that: from repression to prostitution to bathroom oomph, the script allows each scene to stand on its own as a blasting powerhouse, with all of the participants in on the mood. However, flowing effortlessly around these scenes is a plot that is deep and meaningful, culminating in a passionate finale that ends things on the highest possible note. Jett Blakk can always be counted on to do something special, but with Dirty Little Sins, something that appears to be intensely personal, he finds a way to merge plot and sex with absolute perfection. And it's about religion no less, which is not easy to drop into gay porn.

DVD features: Chapter selection; model feature ("Tattoo'd: A Road Map to Jacob Slader"); solo (Nick Capra); the written script of the movie; photo gallery; trailers; director's commentary (Jett Blakk with Brad Benton and Jacob Slader); and playable worldwide (no regional coding).

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Gay Chicago Magazine Review by Peter Dixon
Rating: 3.75/4.0

Dirty Little Sins is the story of prep school student Brad Benton and his struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality and his religious beliefs, with the help of street hustler, guardian angel and love interest Jacob Slader. In this film, director Jett Blakk goes way beyond than the typical XXX gay video in dealing with the relevant and real issues facing gay men and their view of sexuality.

While the typical porn actor is known for sexual performances and not acting, director Blakk, with each video, seems to get better and better at getting both. Infused with hot sex, revenge, duplicity, vouyerisim, hustlers, boys, daddies, taboos and more, this film has it all. Blakk has become a director to watch and one of the best at combining story and sex.

The film opens with Benton enjoying a young man's typical and daily ritual: jacking off. Blakk keeps the scene short and hot by using a variety of unusual and intereting close-ups that pull the view into the moment and capture the self-gratification we know so well. Upon shooting his load from head to dick, Benton then grabs the cross off the wall and clutches it as he asks for forgiveness and guidance.

Benton's crisis of morality grows as Dillon Press, headmaster of the school at which Benton has just arrived, makes clear his views on morality and, specifically, homosexuality. But when Benton returns from taking a solo tour of the school grounds, he finds Press servicing his roommate, Chet White, and the janitor, Nick Capra. The bigger the hypocrite, the bigger the cocksucker, or so it would seem as Press, on hands and knees and still half dressed, is an insatiable cocksucker and stuffs both boys into his mouth. Unbeknownst to our sexy trio, Benton, who happens to have his video camera, shoots the action as White and Capra exchange in a hot 69 session under the watchful eyes of Press.

But it's not long before the piggy headmaster Press needs to be getting it from both boys, this time on all fours while he takes Capra's slamming cock while sucking White's hot dick, to point that White's eyes roll back in extreme pleasure. Press then sits on White's dick, riding it like a pogo stick while Capra feeds him his big boner. Press shoots his load simultaneously with Capra and White. Capra shoots an especially creamy load all over Press' chest. After cumming, the hypocritically tortued Press then begins flagellating himself with a leather belt. A freaked-out Benton flees the school and finds himself walking along Santa Monica Blvd., where two-bit and fast-talking hustler Slader shares with the now runaway Benton his philosophy on what are the only things that matter in life: Money and sex.

Slader puts his philosophy into action with "john" Jason Ridge. An appalled Benton decides to tag along, partly out of curiousity and partly out of his fear of being left alone on the tough streets of LA. After getting his 100 bucks, Slader pulls out his engorged cock in a dirty alley. Ridge immediately gets down on his knees to suck the now rock hard prick. Muscle boy Ridge, sporting an extreme buzz-cut, pauses only long enough to stare steely-eyed at Benton. Ridge is a hot cocksucker and easily goes all the way down on Slader's bone. Ridge wants to get in Slader's ass, but even an offer of extra cash isn't enough, according to Slader. So Ridge does instead. Ridge gets very turned on by Benton's watching eyes no matter how hard and unrelenting an angry Slader pounds him. Both boys blow their huge loads while in a stand-up doggie position.

Slader and Benton continue their debate on morality, sexuality and religion, which, realistically like most discussions on these topics, never comes to a resolution. The scene is so wonderfully written, and competent acting gives some real character depth, especially by Slader. The plot continues to pick up pace, and after Benton is found by Dillon, Slader comes up with a plan ľ involving video Benton shot earlier ľ to expose Dillon for what he is.

As part of this plan, it's up to Troy Punk to distract projectionist Ty Hudson. Punk catches up with Hudson in the john and seduces Hudson into having sex in the stall. Macho Hudson and blond, horny man/boy Punk take turns sucking each other before Hudson turns his attention to eating Punk's ass, who literally climbs the stall walls while Hudson services his butt and cock. Hudson improvises with his leather belt, turning it into a makeshift dog collar for the now on his knees cock-hungry Punk. Punk, usually a bottom, then tops Hudson, who's loving every second, especially as he begs for Punk to shoot all over his face. It's a very hot scene, with both men behaving like they are sex-starved and haven't gotten any months.

A couple of plot twists and turns quickly expose Dillon and bring Slader, and Benton together but not without some violence, gay bashing and one more morality debate as Slader, for the first time in years, appeals and prays to God.

The final sex scene is a romantic one between our two main characters, full of kissing, tender music and moments as Benton gives his man-on-man virginity to Slader. Laying back, Benton's character gets his first blow job, then returns the favor on his knees, worshipping and taking Slader's muscle cock with no shame. Slader turns his attention to Benton's bubble-boy butt, first eating it out and then gently fucking Benton on his back, who moans nonstop in pleasure. Benton then takes Slader, who sexually has finally let go of his anger, from behind. The boys come together, and the film ends with Slader accepting God, Benton freed of guilt and both finding love as they head off to start a life together.

I really enjoyed this film as both story and sex, which is saying a lot, as I'm very critical when it comes to the inability of most films to have a story worth paying attention to in addition to some good man-on-man sex. Slader as the street-worn jaded hustler was near perfect, from attitude, dress, line delivery, tattoos to even his tight, gaunt, musuclar body and the choice not to cover all his facial blemishes. He totally fit the part of a guy liviing off the streets and the effects a life of party and play can have on you. The casting of Benton as the prep school boy was almost as good. Benton has soft, round, boyish muscles, with a look you see on a lot rich brats, and many of his reactions to the vice around him and feelings of guilt have the right touch of innocence, guilt and self-pity.

Of course, the DVD is full of many extras, outtakes, photos, etc. And if you aren't a story person, like all DVDs, you can cut right to the sex, which, overall, features good couplings and some hot chemistry but no orgies and only two boy types, Benton and White. However, it truly is the story that makes this film shine.

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