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(2002, 75 min.)

Country: US
Director: Frank Parker
Starring: Joe Stack, Duncan Murphy, Joshua Scott, Tom Braddock, Kyle Ross, Dirk, Steve Woodhill
Studio: Factory Video Productions

Categories: Bears/Hairy Men

Rad Video Review by Oliver Penn
Rating: 4.75/5.0

Fantasy Bears is a video for real bear lovers, for people who don't mind body and facial hair. The sexy, generally well-built actors here don't always adhere to the typical porn star image, and some have potbellies and hair on their backs.

Well-directed by hunky Factory porn star, Frank Parker, this horny cast of hirsute pigs work each other over unashamedly.

Joshua Scott has a "garage fantasy" involving his hot lover, Tom Braddock, and the wiry Steve Woodhill. Tom gives Steve's big, hairy dick a throat-choking blowjob while savoring his huge nuts. What a meal! Steve rims Braddock's ass, and then he fucks the holy shit out his hungry ass. No music here, just great penetration shots and groans of lusty pleasure.

Later, heavily tattooed Duncan Murphy, bald with fine body hair from neck to toe, jerks off in remembrance of a trick he had the night before. He arrived home with equally rough and butch Joe Stack. The guys are like battering rams – punching chests, squeezing asses, rough tongue kissing, slamming each other against walls. Duncan even knees Stack in the groin. All this before they hit the bed! But when they do, the action is tough. The cocksucking, body slapping, finger-fucking and dirty talking lead to incredible pussy-eating by Duncan, who has Stack on his back, with legs up and wide, like a bitch. He orally seduces the moaning Stack into giving up his topman butthole. It's difficult to turn a MAN into a pussy boy, but Duncan is the MAN to do it. Duncan shoves his big one to the hilt up Joe's ass.

Lastly, Kyle Ross and Dirk are a building janitor and another worker who get together for some great screw/suck action in various locations. Some well shot fucking is seen here.

DVD features: Chapter selection, a photo gallery, deleted and behind-the-scenes footage, trailers and no regional coding.

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TLA Video Review by Froufrou A. Gogo
Rating: 3.0/4.0

Whoa Nellie! (Well, maybe not Nellie.) Coverman Duncan Murphy certainly caught our eye when this box art arrived. Big, beefy, tattooed within an inch of his life, and covered in manhair. The word "woof" was invented for trade like this.

You ever had one of those experiences where you watch a porno with a guy who really likes what’s on screen and you hate it but keep watching in the hope that it’ll grow on you, eventually pretending to like it just to get off with the guy? And then you find the sex is so crap you’d have been better off staying at home and sitting on your finger?

You ever had your jaws wired together in an attempt to lose weight then spend all night hunched over a Cuisinart trying to liquidate chocolate cake and barbeque chicken pizza? No? Me neither. Just curious. I like to get to know my readers.

And I’d like to state for the record that I love bears. Bears are yummy. Bears are my friends. But some of the guys on show here are just a tad too scary for me and put me in danger of changing my tastes and only going for Thai Ladyboys from now on. At least you know what you’re getting from those guys.

The first scene, "Bear Garage Fantasy," is great. Starting with Scott, naked, jerking off on his sofa as he fantasizes Braddock getting hot swallowing Woodhill’s wood hill, doing a great job of getting it wet and sticky. Not to be outdone, Woodhill drops to his knees for a taste of Braddock’s beefstick and the two strip, revealing great hairy bodies. Braddock gives up his hairy, beary butt as he receives Woodhill’s Rear Admiral Salute, pumping the life out of poor Braddock. Not that anyone’s complaining. Don’t worry: Woodhill pumps enough liquid protein over Braddock’s face to bring whole armies back from the dead.

The fantasy over, Scott gets a delivery from his partner – Braddock again! Awww. As Gabrielle sung, "dreams can come true!" The goateed guzzlers take turns fucking each other’s faces till bright red, before Braddock gives up his bear honey all the way down Scott’s eager throat. When Scott releases his own love cannon payload, Braddock is down there licking the creamy goodness off his boyfriend’s matted hairy chest.

Our next fantasy involves skinhead bears and stars Stack, teamed up here with inked-to-death newcomer Murphy, who went on to scare the holy crap out of me in Suck Club and Blue Collar. We start as the tattooed pierced hairy behemoth jerks off on a sofa, fingering his suedehead browneye. Dear God – he sniffs his fingers afterwards. Delicate bouquet?

He fantasizes about meeting Fred Perry-wearing bovver-boy Stack, and a hot aggressive suck session ensues. Dissolving to the bedroom way too tidy to be a skinhead’s pit (unless he’s only a weekend skinhead), Murphy is on his hands and knees tongue-fucking Stack before licking the chain linking his Prince Albert to his mouth. That hole well and truly lip-smackingly dripping with anticipation, Murphy delivers on his promise by pounding his partner’s walls into new shapes, whilst his verbal screams blue murder. The bear lotion eventually spurts the wallpaper a new shade of crème. Big guys, big boots, big fun!

Last up there’s Dirk and Kyle Ross doing a bear/janitor fantasy that made me feel slightly queasy and in desperate need of a valium. I’m not saying Ross is an acquired taste but ... there’s no way I can finish this sentence off politely – this guy is big. I’m not prejudiced. Let’s move on and forget my tacky bitchiness. Anorexic cow that I am.

It’s a typical day at the office. Bored and horny Dirk tries it on with the janitor Ross, and the two skedaddle to the bathroom where Dirk sucks the janitor’s impressive wang under the cubicle wall. Why? There’s nobody else in the office for goodness sake! Eventually they take my advice and share a cubicle. They head to the freight elevator for a while and get naked – Dirk on his knees getting to grips with that immense member, but not getting any in return. Heading off to a private office in the Factory studio, Dirk’s ring gets a quick lubing up in preparation for the buttfuck he’s about to receive (standing up – you wouldn’t want this guy lying on top of you). He produces two loads of salami sauce that Dirk laps dry.

I’m gonna give this video "a three" for sheer cheek, and the first scene I loved. But unless you are heavily into chubby-chasing in a big way, this might not appeal to you. If you are, you’ll love this high-quality, high-style piece.

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