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(2005, 150 min.)

Country: US
Director: Jerry Douglas
Starring: Brad Patton, Adam North, Andy Briggs, Brad Benton, Chad Thomas, Danny Lopez, Jason Crew, Jason Kingsley, Justin Gemini, Marc Sterling, Marcus Iron, Pete Ross, Timmy Thomas; Joe Gage (non-sexual role)
Studio: Buckshot Productions/Colt Studio

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Rad Video Review by Tyler Dunn
Rating: 4.75/5.0

Jason Kingsley and Brad Patton are a couple of Beyond Perfect lovers who are having fidelity and frustrating masculinity issues (like who gets to top?). The pair act up a storm in this great Buckshot Productions release, which also features a very tight and witty script by famed director, Jerry Douglas.

Brad walks in on Jason as he's banging a hot trick in their bed, which leads to the couple seeking the help of couples therapist, Joe Gage.

The scenes of their marriage unfold with each successive visit, from the way they met (in a sex club) to their infidelities to their eventual happy ending.

The sex club orgy is a marathon told in two versions, starring porn hotties Chad Thomas, Marcus Iron, Andy Briggs, Adam North, Jason and Brad. Either way the orgy story is told, it's sizzling.

Next, in individual scenes, Brad plows lanky Marc Sterling with his immensely thick cock, and then Jason slams it to Brad Benton with his immensely long cock. Brad and Jason then watch as their neighbors (Pete Ross, Jason Gemini and Timmy Thomas) do an energized cluster fuck and suck that has Brad and Jason wanking away as they watch.

The eye-popping finale is easily one of the best flip-flop fucks ever put to film. It begins with counselor Joe Gage urging Brad and Jason to disrobe in his office. It leads to mutual sucking between the two, which leads to Joe's inventive idea to overcome their top/bottom issues: each dude puts a Lucite buttplug up his lover's ass.

Jason and Brad leave the office, walking home with butt plugs still firmly lodged up their holes. Joe's idea works: by the time the two make it home they can't wait to fuck each other, and the top/bottom roles switch off at a dizzying rate. The scene ends with huge cum shots from each while one lover plows his man's ass.

With sterling production values and standout performances, this one is another winner from Buckshot Productions (COLT).

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ManNet Review by Butch Harris
Rating: Highly, Highly Recommended

Beyond Perfect, from master director Jerry Douglas, lives up to its titular promise, no surprise there given his résumé (The Back Row, BuckleRoos, Jock-a-Holics, et al.). With alpha males Brad Patton and Jason Kingsley as flip-flopping lovers, the title could have easily been "The Best Damn Flip-Flop in Porn History ... Period" (their chemistry throughout is palpable, and threatens to jump off the screen in the flip-flop finale). But this is Mr. Douglas, and as such it is a flick for both brains (the one between the ears, as well as the one between the legs, fellas). Both leads acquit themselves nicely, as far as the acting goes, with a script that deals with how to keep a good man, and, specifically, how to make two big-dicked tops happy.

The story in a nutshell: Two muscular tops fall in love, Brad and Jason, and the problems that arise when neither masculine stud wants to bottom for the other. In an effort to resolve this dilemma, they visit a couples' counselor (played to the hilt by Joe Gage). They sit in Joe's office and recount their relationship, including the various sexual situations they've experienced together, as Joe dispenses relationship advice and marital aides. As they explore with Joe, the encounters are writ large in flashback, the first of which plays out Rashômon-style in a bar (the Powerhouse in San Francisco) the night they met. Brad, on the prowl for sex, watches a gaggle of horny, red-blooded American men sucking dick right there in the bar: Chad Thomas, Danny Lopez, Marcus Iron, Jason Crew, Andy Briggs and Adam North.

The cocksucking here is fantastic – Chad's beauty of a pecker getting a lot of screen time, deservedly, as Danny and Adam suck it down to the balls (the cocksucking continues in a variety of configurations, every man getting sucked and sucking – Brad, Jason and a bar full of patrons as horny voyeurs). But Jason remembered the guys also progressed to fucking, not just cocksucking, as Brad had related in his version of events. The scene then switches to Jason's perspective, and Danny Lopez, as we enter Jason's flashback, is bobbing up and down on Jason Crew's long dick, leading to Chad Thomas getting cornholed by Jason, and then Chad fucking the daylights out of Jason Crew.

The next two scenes take us on Brad’s and Jason's separate hook-ups via Castro Street in San Francisco one sunny afternoon. Brad picks up some trade, Marc Sterling, a tall brunet with a huge dick. Marc unzips Brad and goes down on his gigantic prick first, really swallowing the hugeness nicely. Brad returns the favor, and rims Marc's hairy crack, too, before slamming a harsh fuck into his charge. Jason has the good fortune to hook up with Brad Benton next, a true sexual dynamo. Jason and Brad trade blows, Brad devouring Jason's snake-like penis in hearty gulps, Jason makes quick work of sucking Brad's slender member, twists him around for a rim, then fucks him over, around and atop a black sedan parked in the garage in which their excellent late-afternoon romp takes place.

Brad and Jason visit their free-spirited neighbors next – Pete Ross, Justin Gemini and Timmy Thomas. They have a three-way relationship, and all three young men are versatile. Intrigued, Jason and Brad are treated by the trio to a sex show on a big bed. The blond hotties trade blows, rims and fucks in equal measure, much to Brad and Jason's astonishment (they sit, cocks in hand, in a corner of the bed to watch, but don't participate sexually, much to Pete's chagrin).

In the lead-up to the big flip-flop, Brad says that he thinks that his relationship with Jason is perfect save for the fucking. Aha! If these two tops can add fucking to an already perfect relationship, it would then be "beyond perfect." Get it? Well Joe Gage counsels them one last time, encouraging them to undress in his office and trade blows and rims – right there in front of him. Joe gets an eyeful, to say the least, and then gets them to shove Lucite buttplugs up each other's chutes. They leave his office and return home, buttplugs firmly in place, to continue this new dimension of their relationship.

The big breakthrough moment occurs when they fuck each other, of course, and the scene plays out almost in real time. They begin on the balcony, fog rolling in from the bay, as Brad slides that humongous cock of his up Jason's hairy butt. They move inside, Jason taking the lead this time, Brad squatting over and then sitting on Jason's long dong. They share many different positions from there, and the spectacular ending has Brad on his back on a carpet getting the cum fucked out of him by Jason, and then Brad rubbers up and plunges into Jason to fuck him to climax as well. A perfect little ending to a perfect little flick.

DVD features: Chapter selection; optional audio commentary (writer-director Jerry Douglas, actor Brad Patton and producer John Rutherford); behind-the-scenes footage; photo galleries (by performer); trailers; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

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