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(2004, 125 min.)

Country: US
Director: Lee Stewart
Starring: Castro, Chino, Chris, Jamal, Lil Mann, Mastermind, Sayvion, Scorpio, Sexy Thuggin, Tezjork, Tyce
Studio: Coco Dorm/Flava Works

Categories: Black Men; Students/Teachers/Schools; Bareback Sex (Modern Era)

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Rad Video Review by Mikal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Trust me, Dorm Life 3 is one hot fucking movie. It will appeal to anyone, especially fans of amateur, young black, and bareback genres. At two full hours and six scenes, there's no way to describe everything, but suffice it to say that there's enough action in this movie to keep you watching and watching! All the scenes take place on the same bed in a college dorm room, but you won't care about that once these young black beauties heat up the screen.

The cast is unknown and amateur, which doesn't stop them from having hot sex. As guys go, this is a great bunch of boys Ė toned, athletic, hung and into hot sex. They act butch and might be on the DL, but they kiss, lick, hump, rim, suck and fuck with the best of them. I can't name any movie I've seen lately that brings on the action at this level.

Every scene just gets hotter than the one before it. The film's minor flaws don't at all detract from the pure lust and passion displayed by these guys. Hot black bodies intertwined, big black dicks slamming into pretty bubble butts, hot white jizz flying everywhere, toned bottom studs slamming into their tops as they get fucked doggy style.

First up are Tezjork and Scorpio in a scorching duo (don't miss the rimming and fucking here). Then Sayvion, Chino, Jamal, and Chris (presumably the lone white dude in the movie; he doesn't get fucked bareback). These four guys go at it in all sorts of positions. Then Mastermind, Tyce and Chino work up a sweat in a nice sandwich fuck.

Castro, Sayvion and Lil Man start out slow but end up in a passionate bed romp before too long. Another foursome of Scorpio, Tezjork, Mastermind and Chino Ė they also do some sandwich fucking as well! Finally Chino, Scorpio, Sexy Thuggin and Tyce round out the movie. There's no hotter sight than seeing two hot black studs riding their buddies bareback in a dorm room!

DVD features: Chapter selection, cumshot review, DVD-ROM model galleries, trailers; iPod version of all scenes.

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Free Gay Pix Review by James
Rating: 4.0/5.0

This DVD is all bareback (except for two scenes, one of those being where Castro sucks a dick and is also fucked), which was a plus for me! I believe most of Flava Works movies are all condom-based, especially the "Dorm Life" series. All of the scenes are a three-way or foursome, except for the first one.

Scene 1 involves Tezjork and Scorpio. Scorpio enters the room with a dildo in hand. He lies on the bed, showing us his ass, and then begins teasing his hole with it, but this is short-lived. Tezjork enters the scene and begins sucking Scorpioís dick. Tezjork bends down slightly and makes sniffing noises with his nose (I presume to ensure his asshole is clean) before he starts to eat said ass. Tezjork is eating Scorpioís ass from an angle that blocks his tongue action, and we hear the cameraman instructing him to change to a different angle, so he does. Next we see Scorpio tonguing Tezjorkís ass at a very nice close-up (it looks more like tongue fucking than eating ass), and the cameraman makes a comment about how hot it is.

Then, Scorpio has lain down as Tezjork swallows Scorpioís cock with his mouth, and then we see Scorpio mounting Tezjorkís cock and sits all the way down on it. Tezjork tries to rise up, forcing Scorpioís ass up in the air, but this causes them to fall off the bed and onto the floor. Tezjork seems to be fucking the shit out of Scorpio, but Scorpio keeps asking, "Is that all you got?" Tezjork tries to comply with Scorpioís needs, but the harder he fucks him, the more it wears him out. Tezjork pulls out and falls down to the bed in sheer exhaustion. They have now switched roles, as Scorpio starts to penetrate Tezjorkís ass with his huge cock, while heís lying on his back. We hear the bed squeak with every hard and forceful thrust Scorpio lays on Tezjork, and then we seen them mutually jacking their own cocks and busting their nut.

Scene 2 involves Sayvion, Chino, Chris and Jamal. They alternate foreplay amongst themselves (licking, sucking, eating and fingering ass). Chino sucks Chrisís cock, while Jamal lubes his cock, but then they continue sucking, licking and all that. Next, they have formed a "train" of sorts. Sayvion is lying on his back with Chris sucking his cock while lying on his stomach, Chino straddled over Chrisís butt, and Jamal begins fucking Chino. Jamal leaves the scene (you hear a toilet flush) as Chino lies down to kiss Chris. Chris is still sucking Sayvionís cock while being fucked by Chino (Jamal re-enters the room). Chino is fucking the hell out of Chrisís ass, while Jamal is standing over Sayvionís face, allowing him to suck his cock.

Then, we see a "spotlight" fuck shot between just Chino and Chris (a light is shining in the corner where they are, and the rest of the room is darker). Sayvion and Jamal re-enter the shot, but theyíre standing up and whispering something to each other. Jamal is now lying on his back and Chino sucking on his nipples, while Sayvion is preparing to fuck Chino from behind, and then Chris walks in. Chris quickly mounts his ass onto Jamalís fat cock unprotected. Chris is one lucky "s.o.b.," as heís continually fucked by each of these guys. This scene is almost too hot for words. Stay tuned for the outcome.

Scene 3 involves Mastermind, Tyce and Chino. Chino is lying on his back, while kissing Tyce and having Mastermind suck his cock. Tyce then begins sucking Chinoís cock while Mastermind sucks on his, and this continues for a long time. Tyce is still sucking Mastermindís cock, while Chino lubes up Tyceís ass, and Mastermind licks/eats Chinoís butt hole. Chino tries to enter Tyce doggy-style, but it's hard to do, so he instructs Tyce to lie down on his stomach, where he then achieves penetration. Now, Mastermind has lubed up and begins to fuck Chino, so this makes for one hot "train." Is there any way I can buy a ticket for this train? Mastermind has pulled out, but Chino continues to fuck Tyce. Tyce turns to his side without Chino having to pull out, and kisses Mastermind who has lain down beside him.

Next, we see Chino mounting Mastermindís large cock, and he fucks Chino for a while. Then, Masterminds mounts Chino, followed by Tyce mounting Mastermind, all while Chino is lying on his back on the bed. Damn, where on earth can I buy tickets for this train? Tyce comes down off of Mastermind, but Chino continues to fuck Tyce. Tyce is now lying beside Chino, kissing each other while Chino strokes his own cock and Mastermind licks under Chinoís nuts, but then Tyce takes over stroking Chinoís cock. Tyce then takes Chinoís cum explosion in his mouth. Tyce scoops up some drops of cum from Chinoís stomach to use as his stroking lube, but continues to suck him dry. Mastermind shoots his load, and then Tyce leans down to suck him dry, too, but itís too much for Mastermind as heís ticklish. Tyce then sits up on his knees, jacking his cock, and then shoots his load.

Scene 4 involves Sayvion, Lil Man, and Castro. They walk around flexing their muscles, lifting weights and shaking their asses for the camera. The cameraman asks Castro if he will suck a dick, so he does so by placing a condom on Sayvionís cock and going to town, while Lil Man sucks on Castroís (unprotected). Castro is now flaunting his ass in Sayvionís face, and then he sits down on Sayvionís cock briefly, before switchign to doggy style. Sayvion seems to be having troubles putting it in, as he continually instructs Castro to move, but then finally penetrates and fucks him for a bit. Then, Castro turns to his side with Sayvion lying on his side beside him, as he manages to be fucked from this angle. Sayvion has to continually re-insert his cock, (Iím not sure why, as heís nicely endowed and remains hard).

Lil Man just sits there on the sidelines while all this is happening, watching them and stroking his own cock some. Now, here comes the Castro I have known: he places a condom on his dick so he can fuck Sayvion, whoís lying on his back. Castro fucks the hell out of him and has no problem keeping his pecker in that hot little ass, but keeps repositioning both of them, as if to have the perfect fucking angle. Castro begins fucking him very fast, but then slows down, fucks him some more, and then stops altogether. All I could make out was that Sayvion said "Oh shit," and then Castro looks at the camera and the scene ends. Did he cum inside Sayvion?

Scene 5 involves Scorpio, Tezjork, Mastermind and Chino. Mastermind is sucking Chino, while Tezjork is sucking Scorpio. Then they form a train where Tezjork is still sucking Scorpio, but now Mastermind is sucking Scorpio, and Chino is sucking Mastermind. Chino begins playing with Mastermindís ass, and then begins to lick and tongue his ass. They continue to alternate between sucking, licking and eating ass, with one ultimate outcome: some guys will be fucked. Mastermind is the first to be fucked by Chino, doggy-style (Tezjork sucking Scorpioís dick in the background). Chino canít seem to penetrate doggy-style, so he makes Mastermind lie on his stomach, where he is able to penetrate his willing ass.

Next, they form a fuck train where Chino is still fucking Tezjork, but now Tezjork is fucking Mastermind, and then Scorpio comes in to lie on his side, allowing Mastermind to fuck him. But, shortly after Scorpio enters the scene, they have all changed positions. Tezjork is fucking Mastermind, who is fucking Chino, with Chino just lying on top of Scorpio. Now, they have separated, with Chino fucking Mastermind, and Scorpio is pounding Tezjorkís ass. This continues to remain hotter than the clip before, and it's sometimes complicated to know who's fucking or sucking whom, and so on. However complicated, itís definitely worth a look.

[The sixth scene, featuring Chino, Scorpio, Sexy Thuggin and Tyce, evidently escaped this reviewer's attention.]

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