Raw Thugs 2


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(2005, 106 min.)

Country: US
Director: Keith Kannon
Starring: Bam Bam, Castro, Chino, College, Island Thug, Justin Keys, Kasper, Khali Kreme, Pimp, Platinum, Playboi, Pnetraytor, Pretty Red, Tajai
Studio: Flava Works

Categories: Bareback Sex (Modern Era); Black Men

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Rad Video Review by Oliver Penn
Rating: 4.25/5.0

Raw Thuugs 2, from those guys at FlavaWorks, boasts some handsome dudes with great, natural bodies with a beautiful array of skin tones: natural shades of brown and tan that cost "the pale populous" billions of dollars each year to attain.

Pimp shares pot with Tajai, who is soon slurping his buddy's big cock. Pimp looks great with legs spread wide, talking dirty all the while. Pimp eats ass like he's eating pussy, even calling Tajai a "bitch" at times. It's easy entry into Tajai's bum as he endures six(!) brutal bareback poundings. During his third and fourth fucks, Chino's huge wood enters Tajai's mouth as Pimp bangs him hard. Wanna be treated like a dirty little 'ho? Call the Pimp.

Bam Bam and Playboy are handsome "down low" guys. In a hotel room, they get naked and do the nasty, with each taking a turn at playing the other's "bitch" (an old prison custom), with one guy sucking cock and then giving up his mangina. Nice bodies and hot bareback screwing.

A sex date between Pnetraytor and slutty Kasper is next. Pnetra wastes no time eating out his bitch's hole, and Kasper is one of the best cocksuckers this side of Slutsville. Their scene is nearly ruined by the director and crew, who creep into the frame, snapping pictures and making comments. The cam work is excellent, however, and Pnetraytor certainly knows how to fuck his whore.

There's no wonder why Pretty Red was interested in bringing home Island Thug: he's hung like a buck! Thug dons a condom for the fucking, and after a very brief romp in Red's butt, he pulls out and jerks off, while three fingers of his other hand are buried up Pretty Red's roomy hole.

Lucky bastards College and Platinum get to play with superstar Castro. These three hit the sheets, their bodies entangled as they kiss, smoke cock and inhale all the boiling testosterone emanating from their crotches. Handsome, hung and well-built, Plat and Col have "groomed" pubes while Castro's mighty crotch is astonishingly bushy. The excitement heightens when Castro demands ass. He fucks College briefly and then massacres Plat's fine hole in a butt-busting extravaganza.

Justin Keys and Khaliel Kream are reunited from Raw Thugs 1. I suppose Keys didn't get enough of Khaliel's hot treasure trove the first time around, for here he is again drilling deep in his pot of black gold. KK's ass is exceptional, and tops probably chase his tail big time. Solid fucking, good cam work. [Note: This "bonus" scene consists of extra footage shot in less quality than the main feature and may appear more pixilated on some DVD players.]

Note to Flavor Works: When you make a sequel, you make it better than the original. Not the case here. The production work in 2 is sloppier than part one, while the sex is often as scorching. Keith Kannon, please get your shit together! We know you've got it in you.

DVD features: Chapter selection; trailers; no regional coding.

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Flava Works/CocoStore Review by Donald Ammer

Though somehow not as raw as the first one, Raw Thugs 2 works for the most part – the only weak scenes being courtesy of models Island Thug, Pretty Red and Bam Bam, who, hot as they are, seem to be there only to collect a paycheck. The rest are prime Flava Works: models getting off on each other to the point you would swear some of them were lovers in real life. Pimp is his usual freaky self, while Castro and his "Did-your-mother-fuck-a-horse?" cock give the royal workout to the unsuspecting Platinum and College. Then there's the barebacking – for this reviewer, hot as hell, especially when the cum spurted is used over again as lubricant, for more fucking. Either way, a treat alone for the barebacking sex and hot men, all lapping and sucking on and fucking each other ... dare I say it? ... RAW.

Part two in Flava Works' ode to barebacking brothas opens with one of their best – Pimp. This lean, sexy, handsome thug with the cocky attitude and little boy's smile also happens to have a beautiful chocolate dick and tasty asshole. The first scene opens with boy-toy baby-doll Tajai sucking major Pimp dick (to Pimp's instructions), getting the 9-inch boner goin' as Pimp plays with Tajai's hot little ass. Never one to be outdone orally, Pimp makes Tajai stand and bend over, so Pimp can eat the kid's ass out like a dessert bar, swirling that big pink tongue of his all into Tajai's hole, eating the kid's ass out as Tajai moans and groans like a deranged mummy. The brothas seriously 69 each other – Pimp prepping that young ass for some surgery as he calls Tajai his bitch, his middle finger getting all into Tajai's hole and making it ready.

When he orders Tajai on his knees on the bed, straddling the dude from behind, Pimp slowly pushes his condomless dick into Tajai, Taj moaning, "Oh, shiiiit ..." - then unable to say anything as Pimp begins to ram his ass, fucking the boy in several positions, making the kid take all that brown meat before he makes Tajai suck off his own ass juices from Pimp's dick, again blowing Pimp until the skinny thug is ready to fuck some more – hard cock slicing again into Tajai roughly, pounding over and over, hardcore humping with not a condom in sight, dog tags flying off their chests as the two homies fuck like animals – until Chino (another Flava fave) sticks his two cents – and fat, 9-inch dick – in for a cameo, long enough to get the royal oral treatment from Tajai, who turns that fat brown cock to stone with his expertise as Pimp fucks him senseless from behind again. Over and over these three fine-ass brothas play, Tajai nutting on himself before Pimp nuts ALL over Tajai's asshole ... then sticks his big dick in and fuck Taj again, Pimp using his cum for lube up Taj's hole until Tajai nuts a big load again.

Bam Bam and Playboy play in a hotel room next, making out and stripping each other's clothes off for a photo shoot. Both brothers are medium-skin-toned, handsome dudes – Playboy thin and with a face worth worshipping; Bam Bam thicker but no less sexy. The two young ones each swallow huge mouthfuls of cock, these boys experienced givers of head, before Bam Bam gets his hard brown pecker up the beautiful Playboy doggie-style, fucking the young bruh on the bed. Playboy and his brown bubble-ass are flawless, though, and Bam Bam bams those cheeks good, splitting that ass open ... until it's Playboy's turn on Bam's huge behind, Playboy getting his sizeable piece into Bam Bam, fucking the thick kid doggie-style in return, bedsprings groaning almost as loud as Bam does, as Playboy humps away inside him – then pulls out just in time to nut all over Bam's booty – in a scene that could have had more passion ... and been better shot. The sex is hot and Playboy is a total babe, but here the models seem like they're there to collect a check, more than they are actually into each other.

Pnetraytor (who, for real, is one dude who lives up to his name) and Kasper are next – two mocha, hot-as-hell, light-skinned brothas who kiss slow and wet, like lovers, as they undress each other – Pnetraytor all in Kasper's hair-covered asshole with his tongue and fingers from word one. Kasper is one fine, braided brother, his juicy lips sucking dick like a true cocksmith as Pnetraytor plays with Kasper's butt and fucks Kasper's face on a huge pink bed. Some heavy 69-ing allows Pnetraytor back into that ass again, finger-fucking Kasper as he gets his dick sucked and a photographer snaps away off screen. These two, Pnetraytor and Kasper, really seem into the sex, Pnetraytor's tongue performing true magic up Kasper's hole – until his dick does the same, and Pnetraytor is hammering that hole in long, slow strokes, Kasper gasping for air each time Pnetraytor rams home inside him. The sex here is HOT, no doubt, Pnetraytor tearing his braided boy Kasper a new one as he pounds his sausage up those hot, hairy buns, raw and without a condom ... Kasper loving it even as his face contorts in pain, just before he blows his load all over himself while still getting fucked. Kasper even blows a second steaming load of dick-snot as Pnetraytor finger-fucks him.

Dark, thuggish model Island Thug, along with lighter-skinned, more boyish Pretty Red, next get it on lying on a tiny motel bed – Red more aggressive as the two men kiss and strip each other. Red, thick-lipped and cute as hell, chows down on Thug's dark beefstick, blowing the brotha as Thug rubs his back. Red gots some cute little buns, too, and Thug gets into them wit his 8-inch double-wide ... lying on top of the younger dude to fuck that tight ass from behind, Red's face contorting in pleasure as his long legs curl up and Thug pounds away ... before blowing his load all over Red's hot little ass, Thug spreading the boy's hole wide at the end to show his ass drenched in cum.

Three creams of the Flava crop – Castro, College and Platinum – are all in a hotel room next, light-skinned Castro doing push-ups and showing off one of the best physiques in porn. These three hot motherfuckers, in fact, all do a bit of warming up before exercising their mouths on each other's bodies. College and Platinum worship Castro's 12 inches of brown prime beef like slaves, both brothas also taking turns up Castro's hairy ass with their hungry, slurping tongues – Castro losing it as the oral attention from both boys becomes too much to bear. Getting Platinum's legs in the air, College starts fucking the skinny boy with his condomless dick ... even as Castro comes up from behind, and rams his own foot-long sausage up College, fucking him without protection (or mercy) until the dude's practically crying out. Both boys get multiple tastes of Castro cock up their holes, over and over, before the jizz starts to fly from these exhausted buddies – Castro, of course, pounding out the biggest load at the end – all over himself and the bed.

The bonus sex scene featured next features light-skinned thing, Khaliel Kream, playing videogames with darker, beefier boy toy Justin Keys. The game leads to oral combat pretty fast, with Khaliel blowing Justin's dark, curved dick as Justin plays with his ass. Both men are young, cute and deeply into each other sexually, as Justin eats out Khaliel's hairy ass ... before burying his dark bone inside it, fucking Khaliel crazy as the brotha yells and cries out, "SHIT!" a lot – which makes Justin go that much faster, hammering the dude's ass raw. A bit more oral from Khaliel, then the boy takes a ride in Justin's lap, getting all that big, brown chocolate stick deep inside him. These two total horndogs go at it in multiple positions, unable to stop or let go of each other, until Justin blows his load directly onto Khaliel's quivering asshole, then forces his still-hard cock deep inside it again, using his own cum as lube to fuck Khaliel even harder – until Justin comes again, this time around shooting all his load into Khaliel's open mouth, before Khaliel himself shoots, in steamy streams of wet, gloppy snow.

Flava Works has assembled some of their best (and added a few new faces) for this hot entry in their new barebacking series. Though a couple of scenes are lackluster, the others make up for them in spades, making this DVD a must for anyone who gets off on watching guys fuck each other silly without condoms. As the title would imply, these thugs like it bone-deep and without protection (or mercy), the friction of skin on skin so sensual and orgasm-inducing – over and over again.

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