Dirty Kinky Stories (Contos de Sacanagem)


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(2008, 88 min.)

Country: Brazil
A.K.A.: Sex Boys Brasil 30
Director: Edfran Junior
Starring: Rogério Van Damme/Dame, Denis Kourts, Beto Boy, Adriano Victor (a.k.a. Adriano Simões), Kawã Martins, Gabriel Lyncon, Marconi (a.k.a. Adriane), Diego Águia, José Augusto
Studio: Sex Sites Productions/Belo Amigo Video/The French Connection

Categories: Brazilian Men

Free Gay Pix Review by Dick Mansfield
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Brazil just seethes with attractive, hung men decorating rocky, sunlit, Atlantic beaches and steamy, rainforest glades. Each of them has a story to tell, and that story just may be, well – dirty, kinky, or both!

Lean Marconi, carrying bright yellow fins and mask, scrambles up rocks leading to a long, concrete jetty opposite the city skyline. At jetty's end, Gabriel enjoys the vista, hands on the broad retaining wall. Marconi leans on the wall as well, and soon one hand covers another. That's good enough to start the ball rolling in Rio! The scene shifts to a dining room, where Gabriel sucks Marconi's nipples and licks his ears as he positions him on a large table, where Gabriel does his best to dine on Marconi's hefty crotch. When the outer trunks slip, Gabriel pounces like a panther on the black briefs, where an extremely large cock rockets to the right. Releasing the delectable, brown, uncut meat, Gabriel starts a very attentive knob job, which is about all a man can accomplish on a dick that big. Still, his lips graze greedily on Marconi's bag, balls and shaft. When Gabriel resumes the heavenly knob job, Marconi reacts by strongly flexing his sweet ass with each stroke. Judge for yourself which is more impressive, Marconi's lean, rippled body or his enormous, uncut dick and swollen nuts! Bent over the table, Gabriel wanks as Marconi fingers a willing hole. Marconi starts spit roasting action, but doesn't bury much bone, while Gabriel's dick hangs nice and heavy. When Gabriel carousels on that splendid cock, a good bit gets left out in the cold. But, the camera captures two beautiful crotches during the dog action, which ends with a whitewash of Gabriel's back and his lesser spray of his own abs.

Three men walk a deserted sandy beach speckled with large boulders near an adjoining glade. Chemistry takes over as Rogerio doffs his trunks to lean against a boulder, where Dennis instantly and completely inhales succulent, dusky meat as Beto snatches off Dennis' trunks. Beto's deep spit-roasting ignites Dennis' deep throat and ball-sucking action at Rogerio's happy crotch. When Rogerio fingers Dennis' other hole, hung, energetic Beto learns what a master cocksucker Dennis is. Dennis' holes anchor the rapidly changing, vigorous action in this scene. When Dennis relaxes his jaws a minute, Beto rockets upward so strongly into Dennis' accommodating snatch that it's amazing he doesn't go into orbit! When Beto rests, Rogerio double-parks his cock deep inside Dennis, setting up a nice stroke atop Beto's monster dick as leathery dark bags scrape each other. Dennis sustains this frantic action in all combinations until his cohorts are at the edge. He kneels to suck Rogerio and demanding Beto to completion, and they spunk all over his chest, just before Dennis creams his own hand. As a setting sun paints the sky orange, three slightly hairy, perfect Brazilian bubble butts approach the cool, cleansing sea.

Cowboy Adriano hitchhikes until Kawa picks him up. Shortly, they enter a clearing in a grove of wild bamboo. Kawa fondles himself and Adriano eagerly assists, upping the ante by exploring Kawa's now bare torso. Chewing Adriano's nipples sends him to Kawa's crotch, where he chews fabric to taste a large, swollen cock. As they finish undressing, Kawa chews what has to be the most perfect ass in Brazil before Adriano's sweet lips lock on Kawa's ample meat and greedily suck balls whenever Kawa wanks. Kawa nips all over Adriano's perfect ass before planting his log in deep spit-roast action. When Kawa dogs Adriano, the camera slowly reveals how lovely Adriano is. Vigorous, but shallow, missionary action precedes more spit roasting at stream's edge, beautifully photographed upward through spears of dappled bamboo. Both men find sticky release as the camera pans to exuberant, stiff bamboo cleverly reminiscent of how they began the scene.

Diego and Jose ride a chair lift from the beach to a promontory overlook. At a deserted bar, they slowly start making out and leisurely disrobe. Diego really chews Jose's willing tits between make-out sessions. Diego's lean, rippled body delights the eye as he kneels to suck the enormous head of Jose's – cut! – dick and swallow his ample nuts. Jose kisses Diego's neck and back before gently dry-humping his lean ass. After more kissing, Diego sucks Jose rock hard. When Jose kneels, lucky Diego experiences the full gamut of fingering, rimming, nipping, kissing and biting. As Jose's spit-roast builds momentum, Diego groans softly, and his dick flails with each stroke. Two beautiful man crotches fill the camera as Jose dogs. Thumping missionary action brings both over the edge, watering Diego's lean, rippled torso.

This cast personifies attractive, sexy, hung Brazilian men. But, their sexual repertoire seems limited and timid by American standards – even by Argentine standards just a river away. They need a lot more kissing and rimming, and, more important, connection with each other and the viewer. Something in the Brazilian sexual response doesn't seem to resonate enough – except for Dennis! [I don't think I'd generalize the sexual performance/response of all Brazilian men based on those in this flick. Remember: Kristen Bjorn launched his not inconsequential career as a director by eliciting blistering performance from gorgeous, almost god-like Brazilian men. – Adrian]

DVD features: Chapter selection, photo gallery, trailers, website/ordering info.

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Adult Video News Review by Brady Jansen
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Brazilian studs get naked in four scenes. While the box advertises "Adriane & his Giant Cock," there's no model by that name credited in the movie. He appears in the final scene, which credits Jose Augusto and Diego Aguia. It's a decent outing; both of them brandish their big cocks in a bar, with our coverboy bending over for an unfortunately semi-soft fuck. The best visual has the two of them stroking their poles at the end.

The opener shines, thanks to the tight bod and nice boner of handsome Marconi, a compact, dark-haired hottie who lays back to get slurped by Gabriel Lyncon. Marconi then delivers a great fuck, his thick shaft really getting to work. A threesome by the beach finds Beto Boy getting tag teamed with gusto by the hard Denis Kourts and Rogerio Van Damme, including a brief double penetration (captured with bad angles – all you mostly see is balls). Beto is a fabulous sucker, deep-throating both his buds with ease, and he gets a nice facial at the end – although I sense a fake squirt from Boy, who we don't see come. The camera just pans down to his load, a practice we see again in the following scene when hitchhiker Adriano Victor gets his holes filled by Kawa Martins in the woods.

From promotional material:

Follow the sexual escapades and conquests of Adriane [credited in the film as Marconi]. He's good-looking; nice body, too ... but that tell-tale super-bulge in his pants advertises his wares to every dick-loving guy he runs into. Whether it's a butt-busting duo or a titanic-sinking three-way, when he's filled these greedy mouths and asses, he leaves a painfully long-lasting remembrance!

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