Heatstroke Highway


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(2005, 100 min.)

Country: US
Director: Lester Moore
Starring: Justin Christopher , Damon DeMarco, Derrick Hanson, Jack London, Brett Mathews, Marcos Pirelli, Lex Sabre, Rico Suave
Studio: Youthful Offenders/Raging Stallion Studios

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ManNet Review by Brent Blue
Rating: Highly Recommended

Director Lester Moore's Heatstroke Highway is wonderfully efficient. A marvel of videography and editing, he puts these tenderfoots through some rigorous paces, but makes it all look as hot as the weather that drives the scenes.

In scorching desert sun, Justin Christopher's car overheats. Still in an uncomfortable tie and mammoth sunglasses, he hikes his way to a residential area, where he finds Damon DeMarco swimming. With a bit of hair on his chest and a long mane on his head, cutie Damon swims over to him and silently starts undressing the tall brunet Justin. Damon dives right into Justin's pits and unleashes Justin's super mammoth uncut cock (this thing is as thick as it is long). As carefully as he can, Damon sucks Justin, working hard for the inches that are possible to take. He then gets to eat from Justin's ass, as hot as the cock he just sucked. Intercut with the hardcore action are shots of Justin posing under a water cascade.

In no time, Justin is sending his amazing boner into Damon's ass. The condom only fits halfway down it, but Justin is miraculously able to stuff tons of it into Damon, a welcoming, hardworking bottom. Out of nowhere appears the deliciously muscular, baby-faced Rico Suave, who dives into a hearty suck of Justin's cock, complete with a stretch of mouth that almost deep-throats it. Together with Damon, they worship Justin's pecker to the fullest extent. Rico's ass becomes the focus of a double-team rimming and a bubblier, more pert butt couldn't be found. Whiz kid Rico sits himself down on Justin's dick and rides gleefully, going for speed and power over anything else. He's having a grand time. As Justin reclines on a towel, his bottoms explode on him, and then he unleashes a mighty cum blast on Damon's pecs.

His hair immaculately gelled and brooding beautifully, Jack London is on a train and dreams. In his dream, Lex Sabre, pierced on both ears and both nipples, is paired with stunning, big-lipped, chisel-featured Marcos Pirelli. Both sport only the best in big dicks, watching each other jack off across a courtyard. Lex has a particularly teasing way of pumping his thick uncut cock. They finally come together to share cocks, and Marcos hits the ground first for a lusty blowjob on Lex's staggering meat. Lex has the rimming duties, taking equal pleasure in tongue-tickling Marcos' butt. With that powerful piece blazing, Lex fucks Marcos. Marcos' ass allows for smooth, graceful thrusts and Lex is able to get in all the way. When riding, Marcos is all lit up, his cock fully hard and his ass pounding down over and over with full depth. Marcos gets off a long blast on the plants and then Lex quietly spits his onto Marcos' leg. Jack, having obviously loved that dream, shoots one onto the train window!

Swaggering Jack detrains and walks through the desert, looking hotter than the sand beneath his feet. In a field of windmills, he meets Derrick Hanson, with a patch of hair underneath his mouth and a tight choker around his neck. Jack goes right over to him and starts to kiss him. Derrick puts up no fight, and why would he? Jack is a gorgeous dreamboat vision out there in the desert. Derrick has a blast trying to master Jack's outrageously humongous uncut dick, working his head fully around it to play with the shape. It's a curver that goes to the left and down, a cock that defies actual description. They head to a pool where Derrick finds a position that gives him a chance of actually deep-throating it, using his hand to good effect. Clothed again, the boys stand a few feet apart and beat off for each other. Derrick whips around so Jack can delight his ass with a forceful tongue fuck. The highlight of this section is Jack staring up Derrick's back with full wanton eyes as his tongue goes haywire. Derrick's tattooed butt gets a pent-up frisky fuck from Jack. It's just tight enough to keep Jack working very hard, eagerly pumping in and out as Derrick does back-up work and loudly goads on his top. The bottom then rides for a spill, taking the full length of his top, who cums first before Derrick splatters a messy load all over the place.

The sun is setting in the desert when the luscious, tall Brett Mathews lights a cigarette and poses underneath it. His piercing eyes are an immediate draw to his handsome face. What follows is an opulently lit fantasy that finds hairy-chested Brett stroking his cock while Justin and Derrick do the same in different doorways of a fog-filled pool house. This is the most fanciful scene so far, shot with extreme care, but still given to the snappy, fast-paced editing of the other scenes. The three are given ample time to stroke themselves before Derrick sucks them both with only firelight behind him to guide his action. The very eager sucker works particularly thoughtfully on Justin. He is miraculously able to get both of them in his mouth at once, a true feat given Justin's thickness. Brett takes over the sucking chores on both before he and Justin share a clearly thrilled Derrick.

Brett becomes their focus as Justin blows him and Derrick eats his ass. Tall and elegant, Brett is a vision standing there being adored by the two men. Upending his bottoming routine from the previous scene, Derrick stuffs his cock into Brett's ass with juicy fervor, Justin still sucking the bottom. Derrick unleashes the most rabid fuck yet, slamming at Brett angrily, pushing the bottom's cock down Justin's throat. Brett is then able to handle both guys as they wildly alternate fucking his ass. His puckering hole is a receptacle for two delightfully nasty fucks, the tops all but pushing the other out of the way to get deepest inside the hairy hole. Brett hangs from the rafters and rides confidently on Justin's bigness, and then Justin plows his way through Brett's cheeks with the bottom upside down, again alternating with Derrick. Brett wins his hero marks here, with the two zealous tops making the most of his ass. All three drop simultaneous loads on Brett's torso.

DVD features: chapter selection; solos (Marcos Pirelli and Lex Sabre); behind-the-scenes footage (a very intricate look at how it's all done); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

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[Rad Video reviewer Dane G. had trouble getting past his strong dislike of Jack London in his review of this film, which you can read by following the link immediately above. Excerpts: "The biggest crime of Heatstroke Highway is that director Moore pairs the luscious Derrick Hanson with London in the next scene. Not even Hanson's sizzling appeal and sex kitten glares can overcome the wet towel that is Jack London. ... (I)t's amazing that London, a less-than-average-looking model, continues to find work in porn."]

From promotional material:

Director Lester Moore (the guy who taught Chris Ward how to make porn) takes charge of a cast of twenty-somethings on a major video shoot down in the desert in this first [and apparently last] installment of Raging Stallion's new Youthful Offenders video line. Moore came out of retirement to direct this cast of young men – none are over 30 years old! Just imagine, young guys filmed with Raging Stallion top quality! Add to this Lester Moore's stunning directing, and you get the hottest youth-oriented film since Naked Highway. This is a must-own movie for lovers of beautiful young men! Featuring new Raging Stallion exclusives Marco Pirelli and Justin Christopher, this is a film that will knock your knickers into a new dimension!

What do you wish for when you're in the middle of the hot desert and your car breaks down? Water, or better yet, a pool. Or even better, a pool full of young, delicious men. When Justin Christopher gets stranded, he finds his way to this pool full of pleasure.

At Justin's arrival, Damon Demarco slowly swims up. As Damon emerges from the pool, so does Justin's eleven-inch uncut boner. Damon swallows all eleven inches as Justin stares down through his reflective glasses. These two dark-haired young boys work their way into rimming, and Justin's huge cock is soon knocking on Damon's backdoor. Justin splits Damon's ass, pounding him with pleasure. These boys dive into each other against the backdrop of palm trees and blue water.

As if out of nowhere, a third boy is introduced. Rico Suave enters the scene, and soon Rico and Damon are fighting over sucking Justin’s fat cock. They pass it back and forth, giving Justin the relief he seeks.

Soon Rico is ready, offering his ass up for eating. Damon and Justin use their young tongues to loosen him up. Justin slips on a condom and Rico rides his huge dick like a pro. All eleven inches disappear into his quivering butt. The scene ends with two cumshots covering Justin's chest. Justin cums all over Damon and they jump into the pool.

On a long journey to somewhere, we find Jack London on a train trying to entertain himself. He watches the world pass by, but soon drifts off into a wet dream that anyone would enjoy.

In the courtyard behind the pool, we find Lex Sabre and Marcos Pirelli stroking off watching each other. Lex is an amazingly sexy boy with an enormous dick, smooth brown skin and deep dark eyes. Marcos can't resist. Why should he? He sucks down Lex's monster cock with passion. After a nice long taste, Marcos bends over and Lex feeds on his asshole, prepping it for penetration.

Lex's huge dick fills Marcos's ass. Lex sits back as Marcos lowers his hungry hole onto Lex's huge rod. You can see the pleasure in both of their faces as these two young studs fuck into the night. Marcos shoots twice into the midnight air, spraying cum everywhere. This makes Lex shoot his load all over Marcos. Back on the train, we see Jack finish his dream, smearing cum all over the train window.

Out in the desert there isn't much around, but these young boys find plenty of places for adventure. Huge windmills cast shadows on young studs Jack London and Derrick Hanson as they begin a long oral scene, eventually ending up back at the pool. Jack's big dick is a challenge that Derrick is willing to take. And take it he does, all the way down his throat! The massive cock causes waves in the pool and ripples of visible pleasure for Derrick.

When these two start to fuck, the energy only increases. Jack pounds away as if he's digging for gold and Derrick's ass is the goldmine. Derrick straddles Jack and bounces up and down on his large boy-cock until they both shoot large loads all over each other.

The big finale of the film brings us poolside for a fantasy threesome. Brett Mathews, Justin Christopher and Derrick Hanson emerge from the fog with rock-hard dicks, teasing each other for a while before the real action begins. These three hot boys are quite a sight, and they can't keep their hands off each other.

Derrick starts off on his knees with two big dicks to feed on. All three young studs have a need to taste cock and take turns sucking and gagging. Soon Derrick is eating Brett's tight, white butt while Justin swallows his dick. Brett offers his ass up without hesitation as Derrick's fingers prepare him for a hot fuck.

With Justin sucking his dick and Derrick pumping his ass, Brett looks like he's in heaven. Derrick fucks with tons of enthusiasm, pushing deep inside of Brett's butt, only stopping to pour on more lube. Justin wants his turn, so the boys switch off as Brett's asshole quivers before each poke. Brett takes it like a champ, egging the boys on and begging for more. These hot young guys switch positions, with Brett straddling Justin's huge dick. The monster cock slides easily in and out of Brett's hole as Derrick encourages them while stroking himself off.

These boys aren't done yet! Brett puts his ass up in the air and his face to the ground as Derrick and Justin squat over him. They pump up and down into his hole, encouraging one another and reveling in each other’s pleasure. The scene ends in a bath of cum all over Brett's chest.

In addition to these hot scenes, the movie features two special solos. Lex Sabre waxes his huge dick seductively, edging himself until he shoots a large creamy load. Marcos Pirelli strokes himself off as the sun sets over the mountains. Also included on the DVD is an extra 17-minute behind-the-scenes music video featuring all of these hot boys and a few choice moments of production.

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