Cruiz'n for Sex (a.k.a. Hot Summer Cruising)


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(2005, 141 min.)

Country: Czech Republic
Director: Robert Boggs
Starring: Johan Volny, Patrick Veselsky, Bryan McCain, Michael Fuerst (a.k.a. Miguel de Sanchez/Sanchuez et al.), Adam Lee (a.k.a. Lukas Lucky, Justin Corner et al.), Dominik Mayer, Thomas York, Sebastian Stone (a.k.a. Ruslan Peterko et al.), Denis Rush (a.k.a. Adam Rush, Mr. Rush)
Studio: AYOR Studios/INXS Studio

Categories: Eastern Europeans; Twinks/Young Meat

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X-Factor Review by Onan the Vulgarian
Rating: 3.0/4.0

INXS Studio is a new production company that aims to provide the hottest new young male flesh in Eastern Europe and the USA. With the likes of Johan Volny, Bryan McCain and cover boy Patrick Veselsky, in Cruiz'n for Sex, they're off to a good start. These three cute tourists are viewing the sights of Europe, and that includes any willing stud they see along the way. Smooth-skinned lads with big dicks and tight buns are everywhere, waiting to share their bodies.

The nine models appear in seven scenes, so viewers not only get an attractive cast to watch, they get multiple viewings and the models get to display their versatility.

Michael Fuerst and Adam Lee work on a cruise boat for tourists, wearing "sailor uniforms" that were no doubt designed to tickle tourists' fancies. They get half an hour between cruises, which they use for sex at a favorite spot under a bridge. Foregoing any oral sex, they get right to fucking. Adam tops Michael and they both climax, then Michael tops Adam and they climax again.

Michael strikes up a conversation with tourists Patrick Veselsky (the cover model) and Bryan McCain, then goes back to their hotel with them to see the pictures they took that day. The joviality quickly escalates into sex, and Michael willingly gives his ass to his new friends, not to mention swallowing Patrick's load.

While Michael has fun with Bryan and Patrick, his buddy Adam befriends Johan Volny (whom Bryan and Patrick abandoned) and takes him for a private cruise, teaching him how to drive the boat. As Johan steers, Adam kisses and gropes him, complimenting him: "What a huge dick you have!" Adam sucks while Johan drives, then they pull over under a shady tree so Johan can participate, which he does by fucking Adam.

After sex, Bryan and Patrick go out to play tourist, and they spot a couple of attractive guys playing a game that looks like bocce. They play for a while, and when Patrick leaves, the other three go off into the woods and fuck. Bryan bottoms this time, for Thomas York, then Thomas bottoms for Bryan. Dominik Mayer, the third, provides a cock for the bottoms to suck while they're getting fucked.

The insatiable Patrick has left because he was meeting Denis Rush for a tryst of his own. Denis sucks Patrick, then Patrick fucks Denis, after which he uses his mouth to help Denis to climax.

Our trio of tourists shares a king-sized bed in their hotel, and on the morning of their departure, they all wake up with hard-ons. Patrick seizes the opportunity for sex, and they have an oral three-way (plus kissing) that brings relief.

Packed and ready to go, they head for the train. Johan makes eye-contact with Sebastian Stone (a.k.a. Ruslan Peterko; Mario Danza), the ticket-puncher, and Stone takes Johan to an unoccupied car to punch his ticket. This is the only scene of the film that has rimming, and Stone takes unparalleled delight in lapping, flicking and probing Johan's ass with his tongue before fucking him. For good measure, Stone eats both of their loads.

Cruiz'n for Sex is a real treat. I'd have liked to see more rimming, and some of the ambitious camera angles fell flat (such as a camera mounted below Stone and Volny in the final scene, which manages to capture nothing), but the models are sexy, frisky and eager. They smile a lot and genuinely seem to enjoy both the camaraderie and the sex.

"[T]his two-and-a-half-hour look at tourist options in the Czech Republic is a cut above the usual output of porn entrepreneur Robert Boggs. The models paw one another happily and hungrily. In that 'Behide the Scene' documentary, cast members talk with evident sincerity about the joys of sex; all are gay or unapologetically bisexual. 'I'm into guys as well as girls,' says red-lipped, Eagle-Scoutish Patrick Veselsky. 'I like sex with cute people. ' " – Giacomo Tramontagna, The Guide (Rating: 3.0/4.0) (Read the review.)

ManNet Review by Brent Blue
Rating: Highly Recommended

When three pals travel to Prague, it may be tourism on the mind, but sex is in the pants. Luckily all of Prague seems to be at their feet willing to help them in whatever way possible, so no one has to go without for more than a few hours.

Working on a short cruise ship in Prague is not the most taxing job one can imagine. Cute blond Adam Lee and long-faced brunet Michael Fuerst are sailors who have an entire hour before their next cruise sets off. They decide to pass the time with sex, an absolutely logical hour-spender. Truly wasting no time at all, Adam fucks Michael with his big dick as the opener. The lovely warm colors surrounding them make everything look so dreamy, but Adam's strong fuck helps that as well. After they fuck, Michael blows Adam into cumming on his smooth chest and then Michael plants his on Adam's cheek. Having rested only to kiss a bit, Michael then fucks Adam with a less roaring fuck, but Adam is a much bigger guy than he is. This leads to two more shots of the same hefty size.

Johan Volny, Patrick Veselsky and Bryan McCain are so insanely hot that when they hit Prague as tourists, I think the city's temperature rose. They are on Michael's next run around the city and delight in taking pictures of the sights. Michael is so good at his job that he even offers to take the boys back to their hotel and help them see the sights all weekend. Patrick, a buff smooth guy with a buzz-cut, shows Michael that he's been taking photos of him all day, and then he asks them for sex. Bryan, perhaps the most handsome of the three, with a big sexy tattoo on one arm to boot, has a long dick that he pumps furiously watching Patrick suck Michael until he can't wait any longer and joins the blowjob. Patrick, finally removing the shirt that shows off his graceful muscular body, fucks Michael with smooth motions while Michael blows Bryan. The tourists trade places and Bryan is elegance personified when he thrusts at Michael, with Patrick just beautiful as he reclines and accepts a blowjob. Bryan generously shoots on Michael's back and Patrick goes right into Michael's waiting mouth.

Johan didn't make it back to the hotel with the other two. Looking so fetching in his yellow shirt with his gorgeous face and cute little nose, dimpled chin and rosy cheeks, he is offered a personal cruise (in more than one way) by Adam. Adam lets Johan drive the boat and this gets them very horned up. While Johan mans the wheel, Adam fishes his uncut cock out of his pants and gets things started. Caring not for the boat, Adam sucks the growing dick happily. They go underneath so Johan can go down on Adam. The sailor lets his passenger do even more steering when Johan provides a lovely fuck. He expends considerable force to get all the way inside Adam's butt, and has unlimited energy in doing so. Johan unleashes his goo on Adam's chest and then gets a nice massaging blowjob for the remains. Adam is finished off and the two kiss in an adorable afterglow.

Sightseeing again, Patrick and Bryan meet tall, hook-cocked Dominik Mayer and cutesy Thomas York. Patrick begs off a guided tour and the other three head to the woods where Bryan finds himself immediately fucked by Thomas as he sucks Dominik. Bryan provides the oxygen for the scene, though Thomas and Dominik seem greatly eager to play with him. Dominik is the luckier of the two, as Bryan's mouth seems far more welcoming to cock than his tight ass. Thomas does work hard to conquer the tightness with a non-stop fighting spirit. He cums on Bryan's ass and then they switch places, where Bryan ups the ante with another forceful fuck. He's obviously more comfortable (though no less beautiful) as a top and he keeps himself very well buried in Thomas' ass. His blast goes all the way up Thomas' back, but it's Dominik who has the most powerful shot of the three.

Still looking super sexy, Patrick goes off exploring by himself, allowing the viewer to see all of Prague's most memorable sights, of which there are so many. He then encounters big strapping Denis Rush handing out flyers in a lush courtyard. Denis offers to show Patrick "an awesome place," which turns out to be a secluded bench amid some more greenery. There would be no resisting the giant Denis, who dwarfs Patrick, himself a muscular kid, but Patrick doesn't actually try. Instead, they make out until Denis unleashes Patrick's hooded cock for a sucking. He spends a lot of time with the foreskin and head before undressing himself and going into a fun gyration session with Patrick. Kudos to this team for not taking the expected route, but instead having Patrick fuck Denis. The positions can't be easy, but Patrick ends up providing one of the best fucks in the movie, forceful and fast-paced. Patrick helps Denis cum with a blowjob and then coats Denis' round shoulder with his own.

Patrick, fully aroused, shaves and then climbs into bed with Johan and Bryan, waking them up for some morning sex. Johan is hard, also, and Bryan gets there when Patrick starts to suck Johan. So, the flick’s three most outstanding players finally get their scene together, more tangible proof of their sterling vacation. Patrick zips along sucking Johan and Bryan until Bryan gets in the middle to blow Johan. All participate, with Johan doing notably sexy work with his tongue on Patrick's foot. The double-teaming of Patrick and Bryan on Johan's cock and balls is ideal. This scene is a prime example of something I often find in Czech porn: the guys may not suck dick as well as others, but they know how to make it look fun and engaging, trying new positions and keeping the energy level as high as possible. After Bryan sucks Patrick and Johan together, Johan lets out a grand spurt on Patrick's cock and then goes to suck it all off. This, and Bryan's nibbling on his nuts, gets Patrick to burst and then Bryan can stand tall over the others and drop his load. The trio then sits down to a meal where they recharge and ponder doing it all again after having had such a good time.

Boatmen aren't the only horny guys in Prague. Shaggy-haired Sebastian Stone works on the train where the three now super-close friends go to leave the city. Johan is immediately smitten with Sebastian, and they somehow find an empty car for themselves. Sebastian, always a performer with unbeatable lust, takes his time working down Johan's smooth, chiseled body, not actually unleashing his cock until the tension is all but unbearable. But, then, he works on the balls before even touching the dick itself. When he finally does suck, he goes deeper than anyone so far, working very well on Johan's sizable cock. If this scene is somewhat extraneous after the big romantic trio of the previous scene, at least it's filled with good work. Johan sucks Sebastian and then the latter actually rims Johan, something unseen so far. This gives Sebastian very smooth entryway into Johan's ass, which he fucks with a cute hip-grinding motion. Sebastian doesn't lose a stitch of energy until cumming on Johan's balls, and even then he's still turned on enough to lick them all clean. Sebastian opens wide and lets his tongue flop out so Johan can cum on it and leave a big gloppy mess.

I have to give director Robert Boggs credit for not only securing a boat, but also a train! I don't know how he managed it, but the settings help the sex immensely. Bedroom sex is always welcome, but there's an added allure to guys getting the chance to shine out in the open on places like boats and trains.

DVD features: Chapter selection; photo galleries; behind-the-scenes footage including interviews with the models (the guys answer questions often right on the set); trailers; studio and Web site info; English subtitles; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

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